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From Big Brother to Bigger Brotherhood – The Opportunity In Our Current Crisis

Aired 24 March 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Duncan Campbell, Comprehensivist and Host of Living Dialogues Radio

The current COVID-19 crisis is making these feel like “apocalyptic” times, and as you may know the original meaning of apocalypse is “the lifting of the veils.” Indeed, the veils are being lifted on the fundamental weakness of our “too big to fail” economic – and political – system, that seems to be teetering if not toppling under the weight of this crisis.

Add to this a President who blatantly lies and then demands these lies be accepted as truth, and we truly have a shituation.

This “up-is-down” and “down-is-up” rhetoric and impropaganda is certainly reminiscent of Orwell’s “1984.” As to why it has taken so long for 1984 to manifest in reality, the Swami has an answer: The Republicans are 35 years behind the times.

So, do we say, “Ah well, all’s well that ends Orwell”? Or do we see if we can overgrow Big Brother by fully activating “bigger brotherhood”?

Our guest today, Duncan Campbell, has been tracking the path of “newspeak” for years, and through his Living Dialogues Radio Show he has conversed with literally hundreds of visionaries, illuminaries and solutionaries of our time, from Senator Boren of Oklahoma and Governor Inslee of Washington, to teachers like Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston, to leading edge doctors like Larry Dossey and Andrew Weil (hey, there’s a paradox!) to economists, sociologists, scientists, and entertainers like Judy Collins and Richie Havens. In the process, he has gleaned a wealth of information, and as a synthesizer and contextualizer, and has cultivated knowledge and wisdom.

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The Ship of Civilization Is Sinking – We Find Our Lifeboats By Shifting From Domination to Collaboration

Aired 17 March 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Psychotherapist, Author and Men’s Health Expert Jed Diamond

In many ways, our top-heavy civilization seems like a sinking ship, and the current coronavirus crisis is just – please pardon the awful analogy – the tip of the iceberg.

This current crisis is apocalyptic – in the original meaning of the word, “the lifting of the veils.” The veils are being lifted on the me-first culture and our me-first President, and more specifically we are seeing that the dominate-or-be-dominated worldview is obsolete and obsolethal.

Our guest on Wiki Politiki this week, Jed Diamond, is an expert on men’s health and how we can use both the masculine warrior energy and the feminine nurturer energy to face and embrace the challenges of this new reality.

Jed Diamond, Ph.D., is the Founder and Director of Men Alive, a health program that helps men live long and well. Jed is the author of 17 books including his latest, My Distant Dad: Healing the Family Father Wound (Lasting Impact Press, 2018).

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The Surprising Truth About “Sex Trafficking” – How Our “Myth-Perceptions” May Be Leading Us Down the Wrong Track

Aired 10 March 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Sexologist, Coach and Author Veronica Monet

Sex trafficking – everyone agrees it’s bad, right?

Well, that depends on what you imagine “sex trafficking” to mean. If the term conjures up innocent women and children being sold into a life of sexual exploitation and slavery, then we all should be against it. But what if “sex trafficking” actually applies to ANY sex for money, with mutual consent?

Our guest on Wiki Politiki, Veronica Monet, is a one-time sex worker who is now a “sexual empowerment change agent” whose website, “The Shame Free Zone” offers “a safe place to explore feelings of shame without being judged.” As someone who sees her own career as a highly paid escort as an expression of self-empowerment, she has a unique and enlightening perspective on how what we imagine “sex trafficking” to be has created more repression, confusion and shame – and doesn’t really address where sexual abuse (and pedophilia) originate: inside the family structure.

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Can “Socialist” Bernie Prevail Over “Antisocialist” Trump? A Middle East Expert Weighs in On the Conflict in the “Middle West”

Aired 3 March 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with USF Professor and Middle East Scholar Stephen Zunes

With Bernie Sanders surging into the lead as we come to Super Tuesday, the “stop Bernie” forces on the moderate side insist that Bernie can’t win in November. But, what if he is the ONLY candidate who can truly overwhelm Trump?

Can his movement of young people inspired to vote counterbalance those “moderate Republicans” who might switch from Trump to either a Biden or a Bloomberg?

Weighing in on this issue on Wiki Politiki Radio is scholar and Middle East scholar Stephen Zunes, who recently wrote a piece for Truthout debunking the idea that a progressive candidate cannot win the general election. Zunes, who as a teenager worked for the George McGovern campaign, insists the comparison between McGovern, who lost in a landslide, and Sanders holds no water.

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Is Political Climate Change An Inside Job? How Our “Human Climate” Feeds Political Discourse … and Discord

Aired 25 February 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Carol Smaldino, Psychotherapist and Author of “The Human Climate: Facing the Divisions Inside Us and Between Us”

With political discourse and political discord nearly synonymous, and with the phenomenon of “fake news” – where facts take a backseat to emotionally-fueled beliefs — maybe it’s time we look at the fact that feelings make more of a difference than facts do. Might this highly-charged politics “out there” have something to do with the emotional terrain “in here”?

Our guest this week, psychotherapist Carol Smaldino thinks so … she has written a book that speaks directly to the stormy political climate, The Human Climate: Facing the Divisions Inside Us and Between Us, that examines the role of emotions in our political landscape, both in politicians and in the diverse populations and issues that make up this landscape.

As someone who speaks with and listens to “both” sides, what’s clear to me is that for the most part, each side sees the other side’s shadow – but not its own. Combine this with each side constantly receiving, embracing, and absorbing information that reinforces what they already “know” to be true. I know, I know. The other side is much more that way than we are. (Exactly what the other side is saying about us.)

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Crowd-Sourcing the News – Start-Up “Credder” Turns Readers Into Reviewer

Aired 18 February 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Chase Palmieri, Co-Founder of Credder

At a time when disinformation, misinformation and missing information characterizes much of the news, and the trust in media is at an all-time low, might it be time to access the “wisdom of crowds”?

Our Wiki Politiki guest this week, Chase Palmieri, thinks so. He and his partner, Austin Walter, have founded a new platform, Credder, that they’ve branded “Rotten Tomatoes” for the news. Credder – rooted obviously in the word “credibility” — allows readers to review articles for veracity and bias, and then post these reviews on the Credder site. Writers are then rated on these criteria, and reviewers too are held accountable by THEIR ratings.

The site says:

We believe news should compete for credibility, not clicks. Together on Credder’s news review platform, we can hold media accountable and accelerate the news industry’s transition from clicks to credibility. Credder works by allowing journalists and the public to review articles, creating credibility ratings for every article, author, and outlet. We believe this is the only way, without censoring content, to establish a clear incentive for quality in online news.

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All You Need Is Myth – Can the “Soundtrack of Our Time” Help Us Heal the Shadow and See the Light?

Aired 11 February 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Music Mythologist Steve Wagner, author of “All You Need Is Myth: The Beatles and the Gods of Rock”

In his study of “spontaneous remission,” Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona suggested that these unexplained anomalous healings were often accompanied by what he called a “change of story.” Given the dire “shituation” we as a civilization, a species and a world find ourselves in, maybe we need a collective change of story, a “spontaneous remissioning” so to speak.

So … where might we go to find such a story?

Hint: All you need is love.

Our guest this week, “music mythologist” Steve Wagner offers an interesting and compelling thesis: That during the latter half of the 20th century, mythology “came alive” as the ancient archetypes cited by Joseph Campbell emerged through the Beatles, and other rock icons like the Stones, Elvis, Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Jim Morrison, the Who and Brian Wilson.

Unlike ancient and traditional mythologies, based on story and faith, here were real flesh-and-blood contemporaries who brought these archetypes to life, and gave us purpose and meaning. Read more here…

Visioning A Better America – A Citizens Conference Held in the Halls of Congress

Aired 4 February 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Consultant and Conference Convener Richard Margolies

In these most contentious times, what if there were a way for “we the people” to gather above and beyond the battlefield conversation and focus on the common purpose we share?

The Bible says where there is no vision, the people perish. And at this moment, our democratic republic looks awfully perishable. Fortunately, a paradigm-breaking conference happening in Washington, D.C. this April looks to – in the Swami’s words – “bring left and right front and center to face the music and dance together.”

As the conference website says, only citizens can change society: “The purpose of the conference is to create a conversation about what we as a people and as a nation can become.”

Another quote:

“Politicians offer policies that are like medication to cure fears of the future, but these policies only address symptoms. The cure requires a vision of an America based on the values of the Declaration and the Constitution designed for the new reality that is radically different from anything imagined by Jefferson or Hamilton.”

Bringing together solutionaries and evolutionaries to “tell a vision” and ground that vision in reality, this conference reflects the “evolution of revolution” from something led by a charismatic leader to something that emerges from the grassroots up and brings forth the uncommon wisdom of common people.

Our guest this week is Richard Margolies, conference convener, who has spent more than a half-century as psychologist, political activist, researcher and consultant.

Richard Margolies, PhD is a clinical psychologist and leadership consultant. He has worked on numerous research and consulting projects in the US and Europe with Michael Maccoby and other associates over 45 years. Richard consulted to the senior military and civilian leadership … Read more here

Awareness That Heals – Cultivating the Internal Resources For External Challenges

Aired 28 January 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Psychologist and Educator Robert Strock, Author of “Awareness That Heals”

One of my favorite cartoons of all time is a two-panel piece that I first saw in a psychotherapist’s waiting room. In the first panel, a boy being swept under in a raging river calls out to his dog, “Lassie, get help!”

In the second panel we see Lassie on a psychiatrist’s couch.

We are living in the “self-help” generation, and yet so much of this self-help comes from outside ourselves. Well, what if we actually DID develop the inner resources to be truly helpful to ourselves? What if we able to find and cultivate an inner voice that is wise and loving, gentle yet firm, that speaks softly yet with authority? And what if this voice can provide comfort and wisdom, not just for our internal crises, but in dealing with the external ones as well?

Our guest on Wiki Politiki this week Robert Strock, a psychotherapist in practice for half a century, developed what he calls “awareness that heals” while dealing with a dire personal crisis. 25 years ago, a hereditary condition required him undergo a kidney transplant. The medications he had to take to prevent the new organ from being rejected by his system created a chemical and emotional imbalance that left him alienated from his own emotions and own self. “It was as though I had a ‘heart-ectomy’. I felt as if my heart had been taken away.”

In response to his crisis, he was able to find an inner guide that allowed him to accept his feelings and hear the messages clearly from the intuitive intelligence of his own heart. (Or as Chris Padgett put it in his book of the same name, “I’m not okay, you’re not okay … but it’s okay!”) By cultivating what he terms “the friendly mind”, Robert Strock saw his way through his own crisis, and found similar heartening results with his therapy clients. … Read more here.


The Oligarchs Among Us – The Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party

Aired 21 January 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Journalist, Author and Media Critic Norman Solomon

If they saw what the Republican Party has devolved to, Republican icons like Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and even Barry Goldwater would flip in their crypts. The blatant heartlessness, self-centered short-sightedness, and downright insanity of a political party that has become a toxic cult, would certainly make the Democrats seem like a sane and viable alternative, right?

Well, here’s the elephant – and donkey – in the living room. In a political system where it costs the average Senator $14,000 to finance their re-election campaign, the oligarchs have a well-established foothold in that party too.

Our guest on Wiki Politiki this week, journalist, activist and author Norman Solomon has been involved with progressive politics for decades, working to move the Democratic Party beyond the “identity issues” that they have used to cobble coalitions, to addressing the “identical issues” we all face – like a clean environment and economic justice.

Norman Solomon is an American journalist, media critic, author and activist.

His dozen books include “War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death.” A full-length documentary film, narrated by Sean Penn, was based on “War Made Easy.” The New York Times review called the film “ultimately persuasive” and said: “Many of its arguments have been made before … but Mr. Solomon digs deeper and hammers harder.” … Read more here…

How to Get Off the Battlefield – And WIN the Battleground States

Aired 14 January 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Activist and Campaign Consultant Lenore Goldman

In the wake of the 2016 elections, millions of Americans were awakened to what they perceived as a battle for the heart and soul of America. Many became politically active for the first time, joining in the various “resist” movements, and becoming involved in supporting “battleground state” campaigns in the 2018 Midterm elections.

This being a Presidential election year, everyone is focused on the national election and the national issues – but maybe there is a more fertile field to cultivate. Our guest this week, veteran activist and consultant Lenore Goldman, shows us where the REAL change takes place – the grassroots, particularly statehouse elections.

At a time when the power of money overwhelmingly controls the airwaves, the new playing field is “on the ground”, the door-to-door campaigns where real people talk with real people, and where people who have been disenfranchised by and are cynical about the system can be motivated to vote.

Consider how much energy is wasted on social media, throwing slings and barbs at folks on the other side who will never be convinced. What if that energy was used in a focused way to bring new voters to the polls and swing the swing states from the grassroots up? What if instead of arguing with folks who don’t agree with us, we spent that time encouraging voters who do?

Lenore Goldman will tell us why and how to get off that old battlefield, and mobilize the power of people to prevail over the power of money. … Read more here…

Making Global Sense – A New “Common Sense” For the People of the World

Aired 7 January 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Journalist and Activist Judah Freed, Author of “Making Global Sense”

What would happen if a billion people worldwide took a stand in recognition that we humans are indeed cells in a larger super-organism called Humanity, and then began to live their lives as if that were true?

Our Wiki Politiki guest two weeks ago, Stephan Schwartz – a lifelong student of social change movements (How to Change History BEFORE it Happens) — asserts that when 10% of any population has agreement around an idea, adoption of that idea becomes inevitable. And while it seems like gathering one billion people under “one big intent” is virtually impossible, it is actually VIRTUALLY more possible than ever before. We now have the technological ability to connect billions of people on the Internet at one time … and now if we cultivate the spiritual, psychological and political coherence, we may be able to achieve something that cellular biologist Bruce Lipton says is necessary for survival at this point – conscious evolution.

Our guest on Wiki Politiki this week is Judah Freed, whose forthcoming book, Making Global Sense, reports on a dozen world social trends that prove more than a billion people on earth — acting alone and together, spiritually and politically — are forming the “global sense movement,” already gathering momentum for a quantum shift in human consciousness that transforms all life on our planet. He also is updating his prior book, Global Sense, inspired by Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, which revives the ideas and ideals of the 18th century Enlightenment to champion 21st century enlightenment. His earlier editions of Global Sense won the 2005 Colorado CIPA award for the Best Personal Growth Book along with 2007 and 2012 Nautilus Awards for the Best Social Change Book. … Read more here…