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The individuals, businesses and organizations below are the “early wisers” who expressed their faith in our mission to heal the body politic by “putting their money where their mouse is” before we officially launched.  Please check out their sites, their messages and their works of heart.  They are valuable co-hearts and members of our community who deserve our support and encouragement!

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 Omtimes Magazine

We are grateful to Om Times for providing us with the platform to proliferate our Wiki Politiki show and message

Tai Chi For Everyone

Enjoy a form of moving meditation that will put you in your right mind — and heart




Food Revolution Network

Pioneering author and food activist John Robbins and his son Ocean offer an educational and enlightening platform for finding YOUR best diet



Institute for the Study of Consciousness

(The Ideas and Work of Arthur Young)

Arthur Young, inventor of the Bell helicopter and one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century … was ahead of his time then, right on time now!

Aura Glaser

Author … psychologist … teacher of Buddhism … photographer



Corporate Prey – The Movie

Scientist, entrepreneur and author Dr. Bob Abell is creating this movie to shine a light on the darkness, and light the way toward a healthier future. Find out more!


Radical HonestyRadical Honesty

In times like these, truth-telling is a radical act, and author provocateur Brad Blanton helps you do this from the inside out.


Healthy Kids Happy FamiliesHealthy Kids Happy Families

Timothy Stuetz says, “Every human heart is a flame of love burning to experience unconditional love and oneness!”

Sacred Spaces / Wiki Politiki’s Official Bookstore

Our community alternative to Amazon … get 20% off all Swami products and Spontaneous Evolution … and find other books and media.  Support a “local” business … he is one of us!

The Shift Network

A transformative educational space for individual and planetary evolution




Humanity’s Team / Conscious Business Innerprise

Bringing Oneness to the domain of business enterprise to create a healthy wealthy commonwealth for one and all


Stephen Y. Nose and Associates

Strategic planning integrating sustainability practices to optimize organizational performance