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“Where left and right come front and center to face the music and dance together, to turn the funk into function and leave the junk at the junction”

Despite what we hear and see on the news, we have a deeply UNITED body politic in America.  Whether people identify as progressive, conservative, independent or “other”, the vast majority of Americans believe our current pay-to-play political system doesn’t represent them.  Particularly in the election of 2016, where the candidate named “Neither of the Above” would have won in a landslide, citizens are feeling disheartened, discouraged and disenfranchised.

The elephant — and donkey — in the living room is the growing awareness that neither of the two major parties has the people’s interest at heart, nor the good of the commonwealth for that matter.  The system is incapable of fixing itself, and so what is required is an “intervention” by the entity that our founding documents, The Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution declare is the “sovereign” of our republic:  we, the people.

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WIKI POLITIKI is a podcast, a platform, a context and a community where sane and functional ideas can “come out and play”, and where we can use our intelligence more intelligently in this “shrinking world that could definitely use a good shrink.”  We’re not afraid to look darkness in the heart at Wiki Politiki.  And … we do so with love, humor, compassion, and equanimity.  And we invite you to become part of our community where we identify, nurture and proliferate the practical visionary ideas that will bring what our colleague Charles Eisenstein calls “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

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What If Trump Refuses to Leave? How to Make Goliath “Go Lieth Down”

Aired 20 October 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Visionary and Political Strategist Eleanor LeCain

“If it quacks like a duck and steps like a goose, there is something fowl afoot.” — Swami Beyondananda


In 2005, journalist and NYU professor Mark Crispin Miller published a book, Fooled Again, presenting evidence that Republicans stole the elections in 2000 and 2004 using hacked voting machines and other nefarious means. While the mainstream press largely ignored the book, the so-called progressive press – including Democracy Now and Mother Jones — roundly condemned the book and dismissed Miller as a conspiracy theorist.

Here we are a decade-and-a-half later and the most mainstream of mainstream Democrats are discussing the prospect of Trump stealing the election, and not abiding by the results he be defeated. Makes you wonder … had we handled the bullying party then, maybe we wouldn’t be dealing with this “bullyshit” now.

Fortunately, Donald Trump is so blatantly toxic that everyone has been forewarned, and consequently forearmed. Our guest this week, Eleanor LeCain recently put out a video to help the sane and reverent majority reassert our will should the misleader try any monkey business. Click here to watch the video.

Eleanor LeCain, is a long-time political visionary, strategist and public official. She spent 2019 as policy advisor to the Marianne Williamson campaign, and has extensive experience in successfully electing progressives at the federal, state and local level. In 2016, she was the National Director of the She Wins We Win campaign to elect Democratic women to Congress. In 2014, she was campaign manager for Marianne Williamson for Congress in Los Angeles… Read More Here…