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If you’re concerned with issues like climate change, it should be obvious by now that neither this nor other pressing issues can be addressed effectively without POLITICAL CLIMATE CHANGE.

Our political climate needs to change from one of adversity, lies, manipulation, fake news and fear-mongering to a meta-view where we bring all Americans willing to face the music and dance together in enlightening conversation, and transformational action.

By choosing to become a Founding Sponsor, you associate yourself with this “independents” movement and create a way for others with similar intentions to find you and find out what you are doing.

In addition to supporting independent media and moving forward an “evolutionary upwising”, here’s how YOU benefit:

Your link and logo on our Founders Page (both on the Om Times website and our Wiki Politiki site) that also includes a few sentences about my own connection to you and appreciation of your work


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Special discount for four 30-second commercial spots on four Wiki Politiki segments that STAY WITH the broadcast in the archives, and will be heard over and over again … the cost is normally $300, and you pay $167 … a total of $500 for Lifetime Founding Sponsor and four spots

Zoom interview with you (approximately 20 minutes) on how your work of heart relates to and reinforces the “great upwising” — awakening to our true connectedness, the power of love, and the evolutionary imperative to create together as healthy cells in an emerging super-organism called Humankind.  ($99 cost, available ONLY to Founding Sponsors)


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