Navigating the Apocalypse – Facing the Awful Truth, Embracing the Awesome Opportunity

Aired 18 August 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Fred Burks, Former Government Official and Journalist (PEERS and Want To Know)

“It’s time to bring down the Irony Curtain, the invisible wall of impropaganda that separates we the people from the truth.” — Swami Beyondananda


To paraphrase Dickens, it was the worst of times … it was the worst of times.

No, wait a minute, that’s not right. But it sure seems that way. Welcome to the Apocalypse. As you may know the definition of “apocalypse” is “the lifting of the veils” and for anyone paying attention – or for that matter, not paying attention – just as the curtain seems to be going down on Western Civilization, the curtains seem to be rising to expose every manner of toxic perpetration.

But that’s only part of the news.

Along with the awful truth, we are being exposed to the awesome opportunity of awakening and conscious evolution. Our guest this week, Fred Burks, is able to speak about both. A one-time interpreter for both Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, he has had a front-row seat to our political sausage factory, and has looked into the heart of darkness with an unblinking eye. He has also pursued and studied paths of awakening, and love-and-spirit based communities that point toward humanity’s future, if we are to have one.

This week’s conversation will focus around swirling political narratives, the deep history behind the deep state, the truth and fallacy of Q-Anon and other “conspiracy theories” … seen from a higher, deeper and wider view that will help us metabolize the toxins and find the nourishment to create a truly new and healthy order.

Fred Burks says his deepest intention for his entire adult life has been to live in service to all beings. His favorite saying is “I give all that I am into the service of All This Is.” This intention has brought countless miracles, big and small into his life, including serving as an interpreter for Presidents Clinton and G.W. Bush in the White House, founding several love-and-spirit based communities on the Internet and in the San Francisco Bay Area, and considerable success in letting go of his own judgment and arrogance to find love and deep connection with those around him. He manages the PEERS nonprofit network of transformation-focused websites, which are all about shining a loving light into the shadows and building a new paradigm of love and cooperation on our planet.

If you’re ready for a sane and reverent conversation regarding the various “truth movements” and the higher truth of who we are and where we are going as a species, please join us.

To find out more about Fred Burks and his work, please check out these websites. – PEERS websites: Spreading inspiration, education, & empowerment – Strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all – Reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups