Guaranteed Income — For Wall Street! How the “Pirates of Manhattan” Steal From the Middle Class and Give to the Rich

Aired 22 September 2020 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Author and Financial Advisor Barry James Dyke

“Who needs conspiracy theories when you have con’s piracy facts?” — Swami Beyondananda



With the COVID lockdown and many businesses closed, there has been more talk this year about guaranteed income – a way to counteract trickle down economics with “bubble up”, payments from the bottom that bubble up and prosper everyone on the way up.

Unfortunately, the only “guaranteed income” we have right now is going to Wall Street, not Main Street. For decades, conscientious folks looking to secure a reasonably prosperous retirement have followed the dictates of Wall Street and financial advisors who have steered them to funds that have enriched already high paid executives, and impoverished middle class Americans.

This week on Wiki Politiki, we will go deeper into that story … and, more importantly show you ways that YOU can guarantee your retirement income. Our guest this week, Barry Dyke, is a financial advisor and author, whose three books shed light – and enlightenment – on the endarkened spaces of retirement investing.

Barry James Dyke is a best-selling author, advisor and speaker committed to telling the truth out about how Wall Street really works.  Barry believes that today’s financial service and retirement planning systems continue to serve Wall Street, the government, the media, Ivy League academia and giant asset managers such as mutual funds more than the common man.  Barry with his advisory firm, Castle Asset Management, LLC has made a spiritual, intellectual and professional commitment to act as an economic warrior that looks out for your best interests—not Wall Street.

He is the author of The Pirates of Manhattan, and the sequel The Pirates of Manhattan II: Highway to Serfdom (or as the Swami would say, “Serf city here we come!”) and his latest book, Guaranteed Income: A Risk-Free Guide to Retirement, a book that unveils and documents how The Federal Reserve System, major banks and corporations such as General Motors, Verizon, AT&T, Bank of America, Boeing, Coca Cola, Bell System, TRW, Pfizer, Motorola, use life-insurance and annuity products to finance their corporate and executive retirement programs while most Americans remain-at-risk in their 401(k) programs funded with highly speculative actively-traded mutual funds.

If you’re ready to shift wealth from Wall Street to Main Street, please join us this for this show.

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