Wiki Politiki Begins Its Second Season – Thank You For Being Part of It

“An enrolling stone gathers no remorse.”

— Swami Beyondananda


Dear Friend:

I have now been doing my Wiki Politiki radio show /podcast for 13 months. It’s been quite a journey. I have met and interviewed some extraordinary solutionaries and visionaries for my show, and I am happy that folks can access our Conversations for Co-Creation on demand. That means YOUR interview will be available to an ever-widening audience forever (or until the end of the world, whichever comes first.)

Feedback from guests has been positive, and many guests appreciate the conversational nature of the interviews that allows them to go deeper than they normally would. That’s why I feel that many of these interviews will be “evergreen” as they uniquely represent the interviewees’ long-term perspective, and of course there is always the surprise of humor, thanks to the mischievous Swami.

As we begin our second full year of broadcasting, I am even more excited. The next two years will be pivotal, as humanity must face global existential issues like climate change. To do so, we have to have “political climate change” as we evolve from defending ideological positions to facing real problems together.

Taking Wiki Politiki to the next level involves three “upgrades”. First, we want to video broadcast and record the interviews via Zoom video, so that we create a presence on You Tube, and give our community a choice to listen or watch. Second, I am looking to engage an assistant / co-producer in linking these interviews to the communities that would be most interested in them. Finally, I would love to create an informal “consortium of co-hearts” to guide, to advise, and to support this venture.

So, thank you for being a supporter / contributing your wisdom and perspective as a guest on the show.

Here are some of the ways you can help me as I build and extend my platform:

1. Proliferate your interview far and wide, particularly if you like the way it represents you, your ideas, your “work of heart.” Post it on social media, and think of the Facebook groups — or other groups — where it would find an appreciative audience. Here is the link to the page, and please use this link to post.

2. Consider being part of our informal “board of advisors” and help us gain financial traction, promote the show, and suggest guests who would add to the greater conversation.

3. Financial support, and there are several ways of doing this:

• Become a Founder for $333 via PayPal — no, it isn’t tax deductible but as the Swami says, it’s good karma and who knows, you might be able to skip a “karma payment” down the line

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• If you have a product or service to share, or even a “cause” you want to support, consider being a sponsor … that gives you 8 30-second spots over two months of shows, and the spots stay with the shows when they are archived … the cost is $500, also via PayPal (These are limited … only two slots available for January and February)

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4. Share Wiki Politiki with your community and encourage them to listen, patronize and support the show.



Wiki Politiki Officially Launches Today

Join the Upwising and Spark An Evolution

“It’s time to shift from the fear-based state of emergency to the
love-based state of ’emerge ‘n see’.”
— Swami Beyondananda

There is an ancient Chinese curse / blessing, “May you live in interesting times.”

Well, here we are.

We are experiencing the chaos of transformation, and if we are fortunate the transformation of chaos through awakening human consciousness.  In our book, Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce Lipton and I offer a three-step plan for living our evolutionary future now:

  1.  Evolutionary Awareness.
  2.  Evolutionary Intention.
  3.  Evolutionary Practice.

The Wiki Politiki radio show / podcast has been created to help us do all three.  Our interviews with evolutionary “solutionaries” are designed to help us see beyond politics as usual and set the stage for “politics as unusual” — where we use our energy, attention and resources to find solutions together, not just defend positions that keep us stuck in the fruitless conversations of the past.

As is often true in times of crisis (and opportunity) things seem to be getting better and worse at the same time.  The purpose of Wiki Politiki is to both shine the light of truth, love and laughter on the endarkened corridors of power … and shine the light of evolutionary possibility in front of us, so we can firmly and peacefully set our intentions, and turn the ideal into the “real deal”.

Some 230 years ago, a small band of evolutionary revolutionaries put forth the outrageous idea that we are all created equal, and that our rights derive not from some earthly king, but from life itself.  The crises we face today — not just political and economic, but ecological and spiritual — bear some similarity to what America’s founders were up against in 1776.  They faced an economic and political tyranny at the hands of the world’s most formidable multinational corporation of that time, the British East India Company, in cahoots with the equally formidable British army and navy.

Their choice was in a way the only one available to them at the time … a revolutionary uprising to overthrow the system.  Today, given our shared awareness and ability to connect digitally in an instant, we have the opportunity to launch an evolutionary upwising to overgrow the system.

We have vastly more knowledge, and infinitely more information than we did two centuries ago.  And now we need to bring forth the wisdom — from traditional religion and spiritual practice, now being confirmed by science — that will provide the context that will help us not just survive, but thrive.

As the Swami tells us, the only way to confront the darkness of the “deep state” is by cultivating a “deeper state” of loving awareness, truth, reconciliation and forgiveness.  All those “truth movements” seeking to uncover the dark secrets of the powerful must evolve into a “higher truth movement”, where we once and for all empower the Golden Rule over the rule of gold.

The kids already know this.

Imagine the teenagers in Parkland — and elsewhere — asking, why is it legal to buy and sell “assault rifles” (note the name) to civilians when the only purpose for those weapons is mass murder?  What kind of insanity is this?  What kind of insanity ignores the reality of climate change and environmental crisis to line the pockets of a few?  What kind of craziness will split up and destroy families rather than coming up with a sane and decent policy to both allow and limit immigration?

As I “go out on a whim” and ask myself, why am I putting my energy into this project when I could be using my talents some other, possibly more lucrative way, the only answer that comes is, “For the kids.”

I’m thinking of my friend’s son, who late in the evening after the 2016 election, reassured ME … “Don’t worry … it will all work out.”

I’m thinking about the interview I heard when I was a kid with the great baseball player, Willie Mays.  When asked if his team, the Giants, were going to win the pennant, wise Willie replied, “That’s what we’re going to play the season to find out.”

So … will those who come after us face the dystopian future where our worst fears are realized?  Or will they be able to enjoy clean air … clean water … clean food … and clean government … free to be themselves, yet connected in community?

That’s what we’re playing the game to find out.

Here is the statement of purpose for my weekly Wiki Politiki podcast:

“WIKI POLITIKI is a podcast, a platform, a context and a community where sane and functional ideas can “come out and play”, and where we can use our intelligence more intelligently in this “shrinking world that could definitely use a good shrink.”  We’re not afraid to look darkness in the heart at Wiki Politiki.  And … we do so with love, humor, compassion, and equanimity.  And we invite you to become part of our community where we identify, nurture and proliferate the practical visionary ideas that will bring what our colleague Charles Eisenstein calls “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.”

And here is how you can participate:

Check out our archived shows — on topics as diverse as forgiveness and the deep state, the #METOO movement and worker-owned co-ops, conscious evolution and conscious business.  Listen to the ones that spark your curiosity, and share with friends and community.  We see each of these interviews as an “ambassador” to an awakening community that will bring listeners back to Wiki Politiki to empower a movement of movements.

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Share this message and links with anyone you know who wants to experience GENUINE ENCOURAGEMENT and forward motion in creating a world of thrival for all, in what Bucky Fuller called The World Game:

“Make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.”

As the Swami would say, our choice is clear.  Either we play the World Game or fall back into the default, “End-of-the-world game.”

The Bucky STARTS here!

Yours in evolutionary upwising,

Steve Bhaerman

With special thanks to our Sponsors, Members, Donors, Guests, Listeners and Staff — Garth Catterall and Annette Toivonen.