Wake Up Laughing, and Leave Laughter In Your Wake

Learn to Use the Super-Power of Humor to Defy Gravity In Unfunny Times


“The Cosmic Comic Paradox: The world is in serious condition – and yet there’s definitely something funny going on.”
— Swami Beyondananda

Now that so many of us are sheltered at home (so much warmer and fuzzier than being “locked down”) … now what?

As things become crazier and crazier out there, more people are looking to find the sanctuary of a “sane asylum”. And that sane asylum might just be heart-opening laughter and mind-expanding comedy. You are probably already familiar with laughter yoga, where people laugh and laugh and laugh for no reason. This is great. Laughing for no reason is a good enough reason to laugh.

And wait … there’s more.

When we add the dimension of comedy, the “ha-ha” can lead to an “aha!” and there is an awakening in the wake of the laughter. In addition to the physiological benefits of laughter, there are the emotional, mental and spiritual benefits of humor that bring insight and wisdom.

Particularly in these times when the contrast between what we know is true in our hearts and what we see out in the world is so stark, the leavening of levity helps us rise above the gravity and see from a higher perspective. I’ve said this before. This is not denial, but rather “radical acceptance” where we find the light to shine on the darkness.

More good news … anyone can learn how to see funnier, to bring the delight of laughter to their own inner lives, and to the world at large. Whatever you do, no matter what your mission or “work of heart”, having the magic of humor in your tool kit will make your work and world lighter and brighter.

That’s why I have designed this 8-week self-paced class to help you wake up laughing, and leave laughter in your wake. Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

You’ll learn a simple mantra that can transform grumpiness and give you new perspective

You’ll learn the secrets of seeing, hearing and thinking funny so that “farce fields” will magically appear

You’ll learn the alchemy of humor, so that even more stress and tension is released at the moment of laughter (what the Swami calls “ejoculation”)

You’ll learn the architecture of a joke, so you can build ‘em yourself and watch them detonate

You’ll learn the relationship between humor and humility as you loving laugh in your own face (and in the face of challenges in general)

You’ll learn how to find the joke hidden in the picture, and extract the wisdom hidden in the joke

You’ll learn how to share humor in a way that will not just leave them laughing, but leave them smiling as well

Remember, the most enjoyable way to uplift humanity is to start by uplifting the corners of your own mouth in a smile. If the gravity of the world shituation has been bringing you down, let the levitational pull lift you up.

How the Class Will Be Structured

To make it easy for ANYONE to use this material at any time, we have designed an 8-week, self-paced class. Each week, participants will get a Lesson and some fun assignments – the most enjoyable homework you’ve ever gotten, and just perfect because … well, because you’re at home.

In addition, you will get a video tutorial you can watch time and time again – one new one every week.

And, you will have access to a private Wake Up Laughing Facebook page, where you can post funny stuff and ask questions, and interact with a community of cosmic comic co-hearts! I will be posting there several times a week, and will address any questions and issues that come up.

I will also be doing a few Facebook Live appearances and you will be notified of these and invited. And you will get two digital bonuses (see below), as well as a written Sillybus at the end of the class.

Here are the topics covered in the 8-week tutorial:

Week 1. It’s A Joke Laugh.  Cosmic Comic Consciousness as a perspective and practice to heal the heart and free the mind, to lift the spirit and relieve grumpiness, to help us see from a higher view. It’s so simple ANYONE can do it! 

Week 2. What’s So Funny?  Why do babies laugh at peekaboo? Why do the rest of us laugh at jokes? Why does someone suddenly burst out laughing at a funeral? Discover the alchemy of humor, and how energy is released through laughter.

Week 3. How to Think Like A Comedian.  Why some of us naturally “see funny”, and how the rest of us can learn. You’ll learn the architecture of a joke, and playful practices that can awaken your inner comic.

Week 4. Self-Facing Laughter.  When we lovingly laugh in our own face, we laugh at our egoic attachments from a higher perspective – that becomes our new perspective. When we can laugh in our own face, we can laugh in the face of just about anything.

Week 5. An Alter Ego Can Alter Your Ego.  Carl Jung said the greatest addiction is the addiction to our own personality … and when we play with different personas, through exaggeration or being someone totally different, we deepen our self-facing laughter.

Week 6. Find The Joke Hidden In the Picture.  Cosmic comedy can take us to the depths of human emotion, and the heights of wisdom, and this practice enables you to extract the maximum wisdom when life plays a joke on you.

Week 7. Pumping Ironies.  In apocalyptic (and sometimes apoplectic) times, when the veils are being lifted, humor helps us see the contradictions hidden in plain sight. “Pumping ironies” helps us use humor to break individual and cultural trances … laughing all the way.

Week 8. Commit Random Acts of Comedy.  You will learn the art of situational comedy, so that you bring the magic of “ho-ho-holy hee-hee-healing” to life’s vexing situations, not to mention entertaining yourself and uplifting others.


The Benefits of This Wake Up Laughing Self-Paced Class

√ Total immersion in the magic, mystery and hilarious joy of humor

√ A simple mantra that will instantly lift your spirits

√ A way to laugh yourself sane and silly and get off the battlefield

√ You will FINALLY learn how to tell a joke!

√ How to use the energy of comedy and laughter for maximum positive impact

√ How humor makes you more resourceful, creative and peaceful

√ How and when to use humor in touchy situations

√ You’ll wake up laughing and learn how to leave laughter in your wake

If you’re ready to bring more humor into your life and world in these most serious times, strike while the irony is hot. The cost for this total immersion in healing laughter and cosmic comedy is “jest” $49!

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BONUS GIFTS – In addition to the written transcripts and access to the Zoom video presentation any time you like, you will receive two bonuses:

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You’ll laugh while you learn and learn while you laugh!


Also includes a special written Sillybus at the end.