To Know Water Is to Love Water

Jim LauriaAired Tuesday, 20 February 2018, 5:00 PM EST

A Conversation With “Hydro-luminary” Jim Lauria

“We humans, without water, we’re sunk.” — Swami Beyondananda




Water is life.

It has been said many times and many ways … and it is true.

Not only do we humans require water, but every human endeavor does as well — agriculture, energy, industry, business, recreation. Even the “cloud” requires water, because the more information being stored and used, the more water is needed to cool the servers. The good news is, if we humans work together to manage our most precious “we-source”, we also create the pathway to manage all of our other collective problems.

Our guest this week Jim Lauria, has had a lifelong love affair with water. From his childhood in Queens at a time when New York City was famed for having the best water in the world, to his travels as an engineer to countries across the globe, to his current mission, a book called “To Know Water Is To Love Water,” Jim is a true “hydro-luminary”, a term created to describe those who hold a piece of the puzzle that will provide clean and abundant water to all.

While there are many clean water advocates out there, Jim’s experience is special in that he has spent his career actually CLEANING water. As an engineer and now VP, Sales and Marketing for Mazzei, a company that makes water treatment and management products, Jim sees the big picture and also understands the practical details of turning the ideal into the real deal.

Jim is also an expert at “mind-mapping” and on Leonardo da Vinci, particularly that great genius’ understanding of the science of water.

As we seek to find the “common sacred” amidst the divisiveness and political polarization, water is perhaps the one “identical issue” that all humans face beyond all the identity issues. Join us for this entertaining, enlightening, serious and humorous look at the looming water crisis, and the huge opportunity humanity has to work together to conserve, preserve and purify our greatest “liquid asset”.

Tune in this Tuesday, February 20th and learn more about the “da Vinci code” that can save all life on the planet, not to mention human civilization.