The Great Upwising – A New Common Sense For Uncommon Times

“There WILL be peace on earth. I sure hope we humans are around to enjoy it.”

— Swami Beyondananda

I. What’s So? The SHIFT Has Hit the Fan

It has been said that crisis precipitates evolution – and if we look around us at the multiplicity of crises, we can see the chances of precipitation are 100%.

The question is are we going to achieve critical mass before we get to critical massacre?

Ten years ago Bruce Lipton and I wrote a book called Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here. At the time we thought of “spontaneous evolution” as a noun in the future. We now must recognize it as a verb in the present.

The “spontaneous remission” that will transform the greatest crisis in recorded human history into the greatest opportunity for the advancement of our species will require “spontaneous remissioning.” We must change the subconscious “dominate or be dominated” program that has been running us (into the ground, we might add) into “we’re all in this together.”

As we suggest in Spontaneous Evolution we are each and all cells in a larger super-organism called Humanity, and once we embrace this awareness, we see the uncommon common sense in pulling together in the same direction rather than using our differences to pull us apart.

II. So What? It’s Time for An “Evolutionary Upwising”

So … how do we turn the ideal into the “real deal”?

I’m glad I asked that question.

We practice the three steps that Bruce and I outlined in the book:

  1. Evolutionary awareness.
  2. Evolutionary intention.
  3. Evolutionary practice.

The truth is, this awakening is going on all around us. But because those who benefit from conflict and separation dominate the media, we don’t see the evidence. That’s why this “great upwising” is essential for our survival now and our thrival in the future. We need to wake up to how we have been hoodwinked into the illusion of separation and wise up to the unifying power of love and connection.

III. Now What? Time to Gather All Good Intentions Under “One Big Intent” – Thrival for Each and All

To help move the upwising forward to become a meme … a movement … and ultimately a community of co-hearts, I am dedicating myself to the following

1 – Signs of the Upwising. A weekly post to spark awareness of how and where this evolution IS happening, as well as an invitation to “join the upwising” by signing on to a “humanifesto”, and finding ways of weaving your own “work of heart” into the larger fabric of the new paradigm.

2 – The Great Upwising Tour. Featuring the cosmic comic wisdom of Swami Beyondananda (and new identity Yogi Bhaerman), on September 11th we launch a two-month nationwide tour that will also include EVENTS ON BEHALF OF THE MARIANNE WILLIAMSON 2020 Presidential campaign, because at this moment her campaign embodies the “upwising” and she has the biggest media “megaphone”. (See our show schedule here

3 – The Great Upwising: A New Common Sense for Uncommon Times. In 1776, Tom Paine’s Common Sense sold 100,000 copies in the American colonies, because it clearly and simply expressed the new emerging paradigm presented in the Declaration of Independence. Now we need a simple, readable, pointed, honest – and yes, humorous – book to make the new context of “we’re all cells in the same body politic” common knowledge. My immodest goal for this book is to be “the new Common Sense” for our uncommon times.   I will be writing this book as a “tweetise”. Every two weeks, I will be sending out a provocative and inviting tweet via my #YOGIBHAERMAN account with a link back to an installment of the book. These posts will be offered free to anyone who wants to view them, and I invite support from those who want to see the message proliferated. (See below.)

How YOU can support the Great Upwising. When asked where the money would come from for an expensive but worthwhile project, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi cheerfully replied, “From wherever it is right now.”

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