Progressive Journalism in Regressive Times

Aired 12 March 2019 – 5:00 PM EDT

An Interview with Talk Show Host and Uncommontator Peter B. Collins

“Forget taking America back. Let’s take her forward.” — Swami Beyondananda


Tom Paine would have called these soul-trying times. And anyone with soul would call these “paine-ful” times. We have a president who is a bold-faced liar, and a mainstream press that prefers lying by omission and nuance. What a choice. Covert skullduggery, or overt scumbaggery. Caught between the devil and the deep blue state.

So how does one navigate these waters, when it’s hard to tell fake real news from real fake news?

Wonder no more. Our guest this week Peter B. Collins, is here to disabuse the politically abused, and hold the line for sanity and wisdom at a time when both are in short supply.

Peter B. grew up in Cincinnati, and in high school he and his buddies built a closed-circuit campus radio station.  He went to Northwestern in Chicago, and a few years later he was hosting the late-night talk show on WLS-FM (WDAI), which rose to #1.  He moved to the Bay Area in 1976 as a DJ and talk show host on KOME in San Jose.  In the late 1970s he was a weekend talk host at KGO in San Francisco, the market leader.  For most of the 1980s he was morning personality at KRQR, The Rocker.

In 1989, he returned to talk radio at KNBR, where he was the token liberal and followed Rush each day.  He followed that with an afternoon stint on KSFO, before it was sold into right-wing demagoguery.  He was a satellite radio pioneer on Sirius 2003-2004, and hosted the syndicated Peter B. Collins Show from 2005-2009. He was part owner of progressive talk station KRXA in Monterey, California, which was sold in 2014.

He currently produces a daily podcast, PBC News & Comment where he covers issues that mainstream media give “blanket coverage” — meaning they cover them up with a blanket to make sure everyone is left in the dark.

Writes Peter about himself:

Peter B. Collins is burdened with too many opinions.  He follows news and politics to a degree that one friend calls “borderline obsessive” and the Peter B. Collins Show is his therapy.  From San Francisco, he brings you his views and analysis on important national and international issues, and interviews political leaders, journalists, authors and others who know more than he does.

If you’re curious about how a truth-telling progressive walks the line — or is it “the lyin'” — between two incomplete narratives, please tune in.

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