Contribution and Consciousness: How to Change Our Inner World So We Can Change the Outer One

Aired 30 July 2019 – 5:00 PM EDT

Interview with Stephanie James, Author, Psychotherapist and Host of “The Spark” Radio Show and Podcast

“The best way to deal with the human condition is to recondition our inhuman conditioning” — Swami Beyondananda


To many Americans, the 2016 election was a traumatic event.

The first gathering I attended that November was at a church in San Jose, where Mexican Americans expressed fearful concern about the disruption in their community, and the potential danger of being singled out and marginalized. Others – people of color, the LGBT community, women, those concerned about climate change – have seen some of their worst fears realized over the past two years. Beginning with the women’s march in January 2017, large numbers of people have been mobilized against Trumpism – and yet, there is still a feeling of powerlessness and despair.

Although resisting Trump seems “irresistible”, the pushing against seems to make him bigger and more powerful, as he and his ilk feed upon even the most negative publicity. The question is, how do we turn this rightful concern into generative action TOWARDS the future we want, and not just away from what we don’t want? How do we make a positive, healthy, helpful contribution to our world in these times of crisis, danger, and chaos?

Our guest this week Stephanie James, a therapist who has helped countless individuals heal from their personal trauma, has some exciting ideas for how we can continue to heal our personal issues … AND … use those insights and practices to shift “powerless and reactive” to “powerful and proactive”. That way, instead of buying into the fear-based narratives that put us in our “reptile brain”, feed the love-based ones that put us in the neo-cortex so we can be more creative, more present in our own lives, and consequently more helpful to others.

Stephanie James is a psychotherapist, public speaker, and published author with nearly 30 years experience in the mental health field. Nominated for Fort Collins (CO) Woman of The Year in 2014 and a graduate of Colorado State University and the University of Denver, Stephanie is committed to help others achieve their best lives and to become the best versions of themselves.

She has had vast experience in working with people of all ages and backgrounds – children and adolescents, adults and couples, as well as developmentally-disabled and seriously mentally ill individuals – and has a passionate mission to bring as much love and healing to the world as possible. She has been able to share her mission and passion with a wider audience on her weekly radio show and podcast, The Spark with Stephanie James; broadcast in 48 different countries Wednesday nights, 7:00 MST on and dropped as a podcast the following morning on and available on all podcast platforms.

She is the originator and host of The Spark Summit 2019, a summit integrating wisdom from thought leaders, national bestselling authors, and luminaries in psychology, science, and spirituality. The Spark summit offers and inspirational, interactive and transformational experience that will open people’s hearts, empower their lives, and awaken their inseparable connection with all of humanity.

If you’re ready to be genuinely heartened and empowered despite a “shituation” that many find disheartening and disempowering, please tune in.

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