Waking Up to “WE-ality” – We NEED Each Other

Aired 18 September 2018 – 5:00 PM EDT

An Interview with Intentional Community Advocates and Activists Bill Kauth and Zoe Alowan

“We’re all one with the same One, totally unique just like everyone else.” — Swami Beyondananda


When I lived in Washington, D.C. in the 1970s, I knew someone who was a world-renowned expert on communal living.

Unfortunately, no one could stand to live with him.

As anyone who was part of the intentional community movement 40 or 50 years ago can attest, the challenge back then was to align the utopian ideal with the down-to-earth “real deal”. Not only were there the issues of many (often immature) egos, but the cultural changes as we’ve moved from a more communal rural existence to a more impersonal urban / suburban one.

However, these days there is a growing awareness that the ability to connect, cooperate and collaborate with each other is an evolutionary trait, key to our survival and thrival.

Our guests this week, Bill Kauth and Zoe Alowan, have spent the better part of their lifetimes in creative endeavor and service, and seeking to find elegant and effective ways to facilitate functional and nourishing community. Bill and Zoe are co-creators of the committed, non-residential Community they call “Tribe”. Together they have delivered more than 65 seminars around the world and co-authored the book We Need Each Other. 

In 1984, Bill co-founded the New Warrior Training Adventure of the ManKind Project, which has initiated 80,000 men into healthy masculinity, all around the world.

He is the author of A Circle of Men, published by St. Martins Press, and now has the emeritus role of “Visionary-at-large” with ManKindProject, and sees the profound need for human reconnection.

Zoe has lived in community and been deeply engaged in sacred art for decades. As painter, dancer, songstress and storyteller, her work in women’s circles reclaims beauty and wisdom. She facilitates with humor, co-honoring the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

In this fast-paced and humorful conversation, Bill and Zoe explain why their community is intentional but NOT residential, and they speak frankly to the challenges of creating lasting community. You’ll find out what Bill discovered as a psychotherapist and how each has addressed and healed their “father wound” and “mother wound”. You’ll learn about the power of the “gift culture” in contrast to the extractor economy, and discover how community and service might be the most effective “anti-depressant” of all.

If you’re curious how you can bring this kind of community into your locale, please join us.

Bill and Zoe can be found online at http://timefortribe.com/